From Me, To Me is a part of my BFA senior thesis project at SUNY New Paltz. 

*Get a look into how this project came to life*
Read more about the 2018 BFA Graphic Design Senior Thesis Projects: - The website was built and designed by Mika Busante with help from Casey Labatt-Simon.
Over 100 letters of instruction were distributed for this project through acquaintances, family, friends, and strangers. A little over thirty (30+) people wrote a letter to be received 3–6 months in the future. Twenty-five (25) people participated in the video interview. Filming took place in 4 different cities — New Paltz, Albany, New York City, and Tokyo.
Letters shared by participants
Letters at the 2018 SUNY New Paltz BFA Graphic Design Thesis Show
Thesis Show Set-up
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