Catskills Conf 2018
A highlight reel of the Catskills Conf 2018
SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design 2018 BFA Thesis Show
Video of the SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design 2018 BFA thesis show that commemorated the senior theses of thirty-three (33) students.
From Me, To Me
Senior Thesis: Inspired by the stories of others. A project carried out with acquaintances, family, friends, and strangers through written letters and video interviews.
Unbound by Time
Senior Thesis: Understanding the role recorded memory in our lives.
The House of Tea
A branding system for The House of Tea (a fictitious café).
Bike Lock
Bike Lock is an application designed to be paired with bike locks products.
Dorsky Project
A fictitious application designed for the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz in collaboration with Emily Hilliard, Brandon Chacon, and Heather DiFiore
Exploring Busan
A website designed to show the various aspects of South Korea's "second" capital, Busan.
Catskills Conf 2017
A highlight reel of the Catskills Conf 2017
My Present
A short film depicting the present lives of two individuals. It is revealed towards the end that the two individuals are a couple. Their existences in each other's lives are a present. This is my present to two of my friends.
A video dedicated to those who walk the journey of life
The Major Choice
A design research motion graphics video and poster about the factors contributing to one's choice of a college major/s.
Avenir Type Specimen
A motion graphics video and series of poster displaying the various qualities of the typeface, Avenir.
A series of posters paying homage to the “world’s largest independent design consultancy”, Pentagram
Exploring Seoul
Magazine spreads focusing on the features of South Korea's capital, Seoul
Project Identity
A project defining my identity in logo form
Night Walker
A ongoing collection of casual photos from a soul that enjoys the air of the night
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