Pencil & Digital Logo Sketches
The Inspiration
What is it that I want to show through my logo? I started off with the meaning of my name, which meant something along the lines of "eternal." The reason being: my understanding of the complex explanation for my name told in Cantonese by my mom doesn't exactly translate too well into English. Also, partly because my understanding of the language is quite poor now. That was my first idea and I continued to build on that. Other ideas that spoke to me were the ideas of a cycle, life, nature, and balance.
The Execution
I picked up my pencil, started sketching logos, forming new ideas along the way. Rendering some logos digitally allowed me to see what worked and what didn't. I let the grid and various gestalt principles guide me. All the thinking that happened inside my head came together to the final logo you see below. 

Final Color Logo

Final B&W Logo

So what does the logo mean? Well, the repeated shape draw inspiration from the taijitu (Ying & Yang symbol), water droplets, and other natural elements. In essence, it represents the balance and cycle of life that perhaps expresses my definition of the "eternal" meaning behind my name.

Logo Motion Sample

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