The Inspiration
No one person or company becomes big overnight (well I guess some do nowadays, but those are exceptions to this). Pentagram being one of the most well-known design firms out there had also once started small. My concept played on the metaphor of "tracing back to one's roots". 
In a vague sense, my idea later was dominated what I considered to be perhaps an early root of design, which was the pixel. Yes, that pixel. The one defined as “a minute area of illumination on a display screen, one of many from which an image is composed."
Sample Motion Frames for Poster

Sample Motion for Poster

The Execution
The informal and somewhat “rule breaking” method I took included creating my own sort of type that reflects the idea of the pixel which resembled the basics of design. The illustrative and odd type is meant to juxtapose the very structured and formal Pentagram. I utilized the grid simply to break it.
What could be more fun than to render the Pentagram logo in combination of my thinking? My intent was to be bold and experimental, while breaking the classic "design rule" of the usage of grids.
In addition to the poster, I created a short motion loop sample presenting the ideal presentation of the poster. This was inspired by various projects done by the firm associated with  Knotty Objects, AIA Heritage Ball 2015, and Choice Works.
Pentagram Poster Variations
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